Peace Tea  is a connector of people, places and action to inspire, encourage and promote PEACE.

We created Peace Tea as a product with a purpose.  Its purpose is to shift the awareness of Peace Tea drinkers to a level of consciousness that emanates peace, love for one another, and action through the simple idea that the product invokes and radiates peace.

Just as the peace symbol, designed by Gerald Holtom in 1958 for the British nuclear disarmament movement, came to universally represent peace through its pacifying symbolic nature, Peace Tea strives to do the same. The peace sign has never been restricted or patented. It was first embraced by the anti-war movement in the early 60s when thousands of buttons boasting the peace sign were sold on college campuses across America.  By the end of the tumultuous decade, the peace sign’s essence evolved into a generic nature, symbolizing peace across geographic and cultural boundaries around the world.

Peace is a deep understanding of oneself and others where mutual respect gives way to tolerance, the acceptance of differences and the eradication of tension.  Peace Tea was created to invoke this type of action.  It was born from the true meaning of peace.

Peace Tea encourages all to engage in random acts of kindness, like buying a meal for a homeless person or helping the elderly cross a busy boulevard. Peace Tea Beverage Co supports local and national nonprofit organizations and is committed to continuously extending and expanding our support to those who are in need, in an effort to be the change we want to see in the world. 

To achieve a peaceful state of mind, we must reflect on peace, then take action to achieve peace within humanity.

Our minds react to what our bodies take in.  When we feed our body, we feed our soul.  Let Peace Tea be the fuel that rallies the peace within you.

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