Laurel Gerber

Medium: Digital, Pencil, Marker, Watercolor, Mixed Media

About The Artist

Surrounded by a family of creative people, I began drawing at the age of four. At such a young age, I thought for certain that I would grow up to be a fine artist; however, my fear of the critical nature of my peers sent me into the arms of a college writing major instead. I graduated New York University with a BFA in Dramatic Writing but writing just never seemed to be the way in which I was meant to express myself. When I made the jump from NYC to LA, I began my career as a graphic designer and illustrator. With a combination of great luck and perseverance, I climbed the ladder quickly and made a good name for myself in the business. I’m grateful now for the opportunities that have been given to me in my professional life which have allowed me the freedom and time to pursue my fine art endeavors.

Artist Statement

My art reflects dichotomies in what I find most fascinating about the human condition: both love and misery; compassion and rage; and what is simultaneously beautiful and frightening intertwined. I'm most driven by what I feel is to be the most emotionally-moving art form – music. Oscar Wilde put it best when he said, "Music is the art which is most nigh to tears and memory." I create my work to the beat of tunes and can always remember where I was, the senses experienced, and what I was listening to at the time. I draw not only as a form of expression but to invent fantasies and other worlds that can only be born from imagination. What is unreal becomes real in the realm of art!

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