Freedom, that’s what I want now.
Freedom, that’s what I need now.
Freedom to live.
Freedom, so I can give.

Jimi Hendrix sang these very lyrics in 1971. And while he was 178 years ahead of it all, his thoughts and beliefs – so very American – were the same as President George Washington, who on September 18, 1793, laid the cornerstone at the groundbreaking ceremony of the United States Capitol.

Now, majestically sitting atop Capitol Hill of the National Mall, the Capitol, along with the Mall’s Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument, symbolizes the Bill of Rights, which protects all Americans’ rights to freedom of liberty, speech and all association.

The United States stands for freedom, peace and justice for all. And whether it be banding together for a united cause going your own way with your own thoughts and an individual.  In spite of what some people (who often get more attention than they deserve) say, America and Americans are still the most admired people in the world.  We are the melting pot that distills of all that is good in the human species.

Peace out!



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